By Any Means

I am absolutely delighted to say that this year I have composed the score for my first feature film, ‘By Any Means’, the debut feature of Bermuda based production company Triventure Films. ‘By Any Means’ is a dark mystery thriller which tells the story of a C list celebrity (played by Brooke Burfitt) who is kidnapped after a nightclub appearance and held hostage for a ransom of $123,000 by a man who is desperate to save his dying daughter (played by Thomas Gipson). Scoring the music for ‘By Any Means’ has been a pleasure and a privilege, and it has been a great creative experience to have been able to explore the characters and their motivations and bring out in the score the essence of their flawed perspectives and relationships, and express the underlying message in music. The high production values and the edgy and unnerving night shots of Brooklyn and Manhattan have provided great inspiration throughout the scoring process. I very much look forward to continuing a highly fruitful long term working relationship with Triventure Films.

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