“Sian composed the music score for my feature film ‘Weapon’. She took the creative influences I had in mind and built on them bringing considered insight and originality to the score. She was confident to work independently and when I did give feedback it was always embraced and acted upon making for a positive creative process. All in all Sian was a delight to work with and I look forward to collaborating with her again” ~ Simon Tate, Director of ‘Weapon’ for Emanation Films.

“Sian reunited with Triventure Films Limited to write the entire score for our second film ‘Mother of All Secrets’. It’s another thriller but for a completely different market. The style and expectations were entirely different. Sian was given very strict feedback from the distributors about what they wanted and she was able to deliver exactly that under tight deadlines. Just like my previous collaboration with Sian, she was highly organized, turned things around promptly and very responsive to emails, which made my life as a producer much easier. The music has elevated a film we are proud of to something really special, and we can’t wait for it be shared with audiences.” ~ Brooke Williams – Producer of ‘Mother of All Secrets’ 

“Working with Sian on ‘By Any Means’ was an absolute pleasure. From a producer’s perspective, she kept in contact with me regularly with updates, so I was always informed on the process and the timeline until completion. All the hard work paid off, because we are so happy with the music for our film. Thrillers are highly dependent on a score that adds tension and drama, so we’re glad we had Sian on board to get it right. ” ~ Brooke Williams, Producer of feature film ‘By Any Means’ (2016)

“Sian’s work on Anne Green was fundamental in bringing all the key elements of the film together and harmonising them into a cohesive whole.  Without her faithful representation of the mood of the narrative in the score, the film would have been less for it.  Music is so important in films and I think Sian really has a talent that can be used and expressed to far bigger projects than mine.” ~  Dominic Took, Director of short film “Anne Green”. 

“Sian’s recent and first commission for the Brighton Chamber Choir, a setting of Shakespeare’s Sonnet XL, was beautifully crafted, exploring vocal colours and textures and creating imaginative and vivid projections of the words themselves.  There were striking contrasts of mood which caught the poignancy and despair of the Sonnet so clearly and Sian really grasped the essence of good choral writing in this piece.  Working on Sonnet XL with Sian was a pleasure.  She took the time to discern the character and unique sound of the choir before embarking on the composition and made well considered adjustments after hearing the first draft of just a few lines.  After this she created the piece in its entirety and her confidence in the finished work was certainly justified.  Sonnet XL was enthusiastically received at its premiere and we will look forward to future performances of this piece!” ~ Jane Money, Musical Director of Brighton Chamber Choir.  

“Sian was great to work with. She took my initial brief and suggestions and then came back with a score that may not have been exactly what I’d asked, but turned out to be precisely what was needed. Her music brought out beautiful new layers in my short film, creating a wonderful new synergy.”~ Guido Lippe, director ‘The 50th Anniversary of Harold & Esmeralda’.

“In July 2014 I was lucky enough to be introduced to Sian Elizabeth Selway by a friend and colleague (actress Sara Dee). At the time I was embarking on my first attempt at directing a short film and needed music for the upcoming project. Sian read the script and agreed to compose the original soundtrack for me. While Sian waited for the final edit to work from, she followed the film’s progress with great interest, enthusiasm and encouragement. Sian listened to my suggestions and understood what I was looking for musically. The work Sian did for me was exemplary. The music is spot on and exactly what I was hoping for. A consummate professional who gets the job done in a timely fashion, Sian delivers what you’ve asked for and is very much a team player, I highly recommend working with Sian on your project.” ~ Writer/Director of ‘Fired’ Andy Davie

“Sian Elizabeth Selway is perhaps verging on genius. Given only a very vague brief, she worked in isolation to create a piece of music that not only complimented the play ‘Did Not Finish’ but enhanced its content so much so that we decided to create segues throughout the piece that underscored the dialogue and punctuated the movement.

Her intuitive grasp of the play in its raw form displayed great sympathy to the emotional content, and added to the strength of our vision for this initial stage – I hope we can develop further what we have achieved so far in stage 2 of the process. Simply wonderful. An immense talent, soon to be a name on everyone’s lips.” ~ Glenda Harkess – Artistic Director of Theatre Akimbo & Director of ‘Did Not Finish’

“It was agreed that I would brief and commission original music for International Chef Exchange and the boss of Latest TV, Bill Smith, suggested I hire a young composer called Sian Elizabeth Selway. This I have done and I declare now that she is quite, quite brilliant. Her main theme reflects my brief beautifully and the mood versions that she has created to suit all my purposes are truly inspired. Impressed? Too right I am! ” ~ Andrew Kay, Producer of International Chef Exchange series. Latest TV Channel 8.

“Sian scored 3 music cues in episode 5 of MI High, a children’s drama series for which I am scoring the music for.

She coped well with all the pressure involved in writing music for a high profile TV series and was very inventive and at the same time sympathetic to the style and genre of this show. She is a very organised , capable and creative composer and I will certainly consider hiring her again.” ~ Tony Flynn – Composer

“I was commissioned to choreograph a new piece called ‘The Bauer Project Revisited’ for the International Dance Festival ‘Abundance’ in Sweden. Questioning my right to call myself the author of the piece, I invited other artists to interpret written and drawn scores of choreography in their own chosen form.

Sian approached me with some ideas for the composition of the music. She has been great to collaborate with, always keeping me up to date with her progress, meeting up and keeping to the brief. She is always up for a challenge, this being her first composition for choreography and the work she produces is of a very high standard. I would recommend her to anyone that would like to work with a professional collaborator.

My experience working with Sian’s music was an interesting one as my previous experience with working in collaboration with a composer was through regular discussions and time in the studio together, however this time the works were made independently of each other, with Sian developing her side from my original work. Leaving Sian to interpret my scores how she wanted meant that I had no control over what she produced. This meant that I had a new experience working with it in the studio, each part of the overall composition developing almost like that of French surrealist poetís games. The project centred around archiving different interpretations of the scores, interpreted by people in different fields and from different backgrounds, giving those involved complete freedom over choices.” ~ Katie Dale-Everett – Donsya Dance

“I am CEO of Fact Not Fiction Films which is a multi award winning film and documentary production company. We are very selective in who we allow to work with us. Sian was a vital role in helping us produce a feature length documentary film aimed for theatrical cinema release. She is clearly an accomplished and very talented composer. Sian would be an asset to any project. I do not hesitate to recommend her.” ~ Tristan Loraine, CEO – Fact Not Fiction Films

“Sian Elizabeth Selway is a bright young talent with whom I had the pleasure of working on a production of ‘Vita and Virginia’, a stage play by Eileen Atkins which I directed in Lewes, the Brighton Fringe Festival 2012, where it won an Angel Award, and in Hampstead, London. Her ability to listen and interpret my vision as well as the emotion of the piece while using her own unique style in composing, the accompanying music added an entirely new and exciting dimension.” ~ Alison Grant, Director – Vita and Virginia

“Just a quick thank you for your input on our two short film projects. I’d be happy to recommend you to any filmmaker looking to enhance their productions with sensitively scored original compositions. I appreciated the way you took the trouble to familiarize yourself with the brief, and was impressed by your interpretations of the moods of the projects. The flexibility you offer made my job easier and your strength of traditional musicianship combined with your grasp of digital innovation made the projects’ needs easier to satisfy. You’d be an asset on any creative team.” ~ Fyn Day, Producer – Running Legend Film Ltd.

“Sian Elizabeth Selway composed the soundtrack for our film production of ‘Someone To Watch Over Me’. This is a highly emotive film about the experiences of an older woman with Dementia. From our first meeting Sian had a good understanding and feel for the project, she created several original compositions and each one a moving piece of music entirely appropriate to the drama. Subsequently Sian’s pieces ended up being used almost in their entirety in the final film. The soundtrack has played a vital part in making the film a successful and moving drama.

“Sian is a mature and sensitive artist with a real understanding of the medium of film and the power of music to enhance the images and the drama on the screen. I would have no hesitation in recommending Sian for film work, she is highly talented, completely passionate and a hard working and dedicated artist.” ~ Will Geffin, Director – Sunny Arts / Sunny Arts Films

“Sian was really great to work with. Her compositions were beautiful and perfectly suited the production. She took my ideas and made something wonderful that greatly strengthened the overall vision. I look forward to working with her on future projects.” ~ Tamsin Urquhart – Director of ‘Breathing Corpses’ – Hux Productions.